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3x :30 on/ :30 off front hold on boxes
3×8 PVC raises: remember to keep arms shoulder width apart
5 floor levers
for 4:00 :20 on/ :10 off hollow rocks
2×5 clean grip OHS
Fight gone bad:
3 rds of:
wall balls 20/14#
sumo deadlift high pull (55/75#)
box jumps
Push Press (55/75#)
Row (calories)
rest 1:00
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30 JJ
30 Air squats
30 Mountain climbers
30 jumping squats
4x :20 box shoulder stretches
4x :20 Thoracic Spine stretch barbell stretch
3x 3 chin up levers: this is not an easy movement. I will post an in depth video
2×5 clean grip OHS
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of:
DL (185/115)
Air Aquats
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3x :30 pike hamstring stretch
3x :30 Toe touch
3x :30 Box hamstring stretch
Back holds on boxes 3x:30 on/ :30 off
5 floor levers
1a) 3X20; scaled 2x 10UB GHD Sit-ups – rest 60 sec.
1b) 3X60 Seconds of Freestanding
Handstand Holds – rest 60 sec.
1c) 3X20 Reverse Hypers; scaled 2×10 – medium/heavy,
rest 60 sec.
Skill Work:
2x:20on/:20 off nose and toes HS hold
2x :20 on/:20 off 30 degree HS hold
1) Every 90 sec for 6:00 (5 sets);
5 UB touch and go (T&G) Pwr clean and push jerk
begin at 60% of 1RM C&J and add weight each time until 5 reps can no longer be completed, then subtract 5-10# and continue.. rest 2min then
2) 1x ME UB T&G pwr cleans and push jerks @ 80% of heaviest completed weight
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Couch Stretch Series from last week 3x:20 each position on each leg
Back hold on Box :30 on/:30 off
For 4:00 :20 on/:10 off
Arch rocks
3x:gym floor length seal walks (down/back/down)
4rds for time:
10 DB PP
20 alternating lunges
30 sit ups
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warm up Dodgeball
MOB then3x8 PVC raises, 2x:40sec hands and feet Hollow hold; 5 floor levers
2×5 Clean grip OHS (add weight)
WOD EMOM for 5min:
2 full Snatches @ 80%
When the clock hits 5min,
2min AMRAP of:
Full snatches at 80%
*This is Snatch efficiency
baseline. Score is total reps completed in
7 minutes. There are only 2 attempts
allowed during the EMOM portion.
The goal is to test consistency of technique
and repeatability under load.
3x 400m run rest 1:1 (that means rest the same amount of time run is completed in); this is at a moderate pace
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Box Shoulder Stretch 4×0:20,
work with arms shoulder width
3×0:30 On/0:30 Off Arch Hold
on Stomach

3×6 Arch to hollow swings on
bar, pause between each rep

5 clean grip OHS
(add weight if possible)
10min to complete 4 rds of :
10 shoulder to OH 115/75
50 Double unders
5min AMRAP
lateral over bar burpees
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3×0:30 box shoulder stretch / :20 off

3×10 PVC shoulder raises

3× gym floor length pike to hollow inch worms (down, back, down)

0:40 Hollow Hold on Back, break early if your lumbar spine lifts from the floor.

0:40 Arch Hold  then,          3×30′ Arch Hollow Roll Across Floor

Calf/achilles stretch against the wall : imin straight leg, I min bent knee
12min to establish 3-pos clean (p1,p2,p3) +1 jerk                             EMOM for 5:00 1 (3-pos) clean +1 jerk @80% of established above effort                    then,                               4×8 Back Squat @ 80% quick down and up, no pause, rest 90 sec
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30 JJ                              30 Air squats               30 Mountain Climb    30 jumping Squats
3 x :30 On/ :30 off Hollow holds on hands: work on holding position lower                            Down and back: Arch/Hollow Roll + V-up
4x :20 Thoracic Spine Barbell Stretch
2×5 Clean rip OHS (add weight if possible)                    5 floor levers (remember on shoulder blades on floor)
21-15-9 Deadlift(225/155)     Box jumps                   HR push ups